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What would Jesus Do?

While out running an errand with a friend who happens to be Christian, we sat waiting for the light to cycle, both of us watching a bi-polar, drug addicted homeless person act out on the street corner. I said “that guy should be thrown into a wood chipper, have the remains dried out, and then spread on the fields as fertilizer. It’s the only way he’ll ever be of value to the community.” My Christian friend agreed. “That’s a great idea! The Wood Chipper!” Then I inexplicably mumbled “Do ya suppose that’s what Jesus would do…throw people in a wood chipper?”

Now we were just blowing off steam by dabbling in the absurd, but this question, “What would Jesus do?” really stuck with me. My relationship with God is somewhat contentious. I’ve suggested that God has come up short in his creation of humans, homeless humans for instance. God has countered by pointing out that when people apply themselves, humans have done great things. “I’ve provided the infrastructure and humans are the ones who have failed miserably.” From this I’ve come to understand that God has expectations, “Expectations of Creativity.” Being trillions in debt while simultaneously wasting hundreds of billions, is a result of laziness and un-creativity and not what Jesus would do.


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